About History Makers Academy

The training and concepts presented at The History Makers Academy are a collection of world­‐leading and time­‐tested strategies. An HMA Training is typically a 3 day experience that facilitates both a very practical AND supernatural environment. We provide attendees with everything they need to develop a life that produces real, lasting Kingdom results.
The Bible speaks of God’s children as “the head and not the tail” of society, and yet many Christians have found themselves at the wrong end of the promise. This has largely been the result of a combination of ignorance, religiosity, misdirected values, weak character, and unfocused life strategy. The “HMA” content has been designed to address and correct each of these major issues.
The History Makers Academy atmosphere has been designed to simulate “points of pressure” (or simulated mission field challenges to overcome) to create lasting personal breakthrough. Through these challenges and applied pressure it is possible for the attendee to reach a “point of no return” where “His strength is perfected in our weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9). The attendee actually begins to access supernatural power and grace that they never knew they could walk in. History Makers Academy Trainings produce immediate results through new thinking, and supernatural empowerment – it leaves attendees with a desire for self-imposed pressure and a profound sense of assurance in their ability to rise to any occasion and go beyond any limitation.
This effective combination of content and environment offered by a History Makers Training provides the keys to transforming lives, churches, businesses, as well as society. It has been proven to help people of all ages access their calling, along with the tools to make history!

Our Mission

History Makers Academy – is a cutting edge training and equipping movement designed to:
  • awaken Believers to God, and His purposes for them
  • equip them strategically for result oriented effective ministry
  • send them into their place of calling with practical and supernatural empowerment
Our mission is to “awaken, equip and send out” Believers into their sphere of calling, strengthening the local church, and transforming society.

Our Strategy

The strategy of History Makers Academy consists of a process of strategically enhancing the local church, equipping individuals, and sending those individuals into society (in an organized way) for the purpose of Kingdom transformation.

  1. We utilize various 3 day intensive training modules, followed by an 8 to 18 week follow up mentorship program. This program is designed to take an individual or church, into deeper levels of understanding of their calling, the Kingdom of God, and the practical keys to effectively become a catalyst of transformation in their sphere. Those who complete a 3 day training experience, and mentorship process, then qualify to be part of what we call a “Transformation Council.”
  2. A Transformation Council is a highly trained and qualified small group of Believers who each have a role in making Kingdom impact beyond the four walls of the church. The council functions as a collective strategic team, within a local church, city, or organization. Each individual member of the group has a particular sphere of society they are called to influence, either through a key position of influence, a charity, ministry, project, or curriculum etc. These “Councils” are actively involved in pursuing methods, opportunities and platforms to solve societal problems, have Kingdom influence and ultimately disciple people groups, and fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19,20).
  3. The History Makers Academy also values it’s National Directors in various countries, who oversee HMA Trainings, Councils, and the licensing of other HMA Trainers who take this cutting edge equipping tool throughout their respective country.
  4. The History Makers Academy’s global goal is to establish at least 12,000 Transformation Council groups worldwide and raise up 120,000 legitimate history makers in our generation. The graduates and councils already in existence in various countries make up the “History Makers Society” – a movement of people transforming the church, and society world wide.

Meet The President

Derek Schneider is the President of History Makers Academy and Founder of History Makers Society. Both of which are designed to train, equip and send out individuals to influence all spheres of society. He is also a requested speaker, trainer, author, and transformation specialist.
Derek’s gift mix is a unique blend of strong apostolic and prophetic leadership, with signs and wonders following – especially in the area of word of knowledge and healing. Through the History Makers Academy he has seen hundreds established in their calling, and become catalysts of transformation in their communities and nations.
God is using Derek Schneider to transform the church, and culture, on several continents. He believes that the church today must walk in both revival and societal transformation in order to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus (Matthew 28:18 – 20). He loves to serve Pastors and leaders, helping them to not only grow their church, but to have maximum impact beyond the four walls. Even through his brief lectures and seminars, you are guaranteed to walk away with the keys required to get immediate results.

Who is Derek Schneider?

He is discipling nations…

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Our Team

National Directors

Meet our History Makers Academy National Directors. They oversee HMA Trainings, Trainers, and Transformation Councils in their respective countries, ensuring that this “beyond the four walls” message goes to the world!
Connect to an HMA Director near you to experience this new Kingdom equipping phenomenon! 

Elite Trainers

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Core Values

The state of a nation is a reflection of the hearts of its people. In order to make a difference, we must be different. We must possess the image and likeness of God in order for Heaven to be established on the earth.

We have an infinite potential, limited only by our beliefs and ignorance. In order to be effective leaders, we must be on the cutting edge of society’s knowledge, always improving and progressing.

You cannot lead others or change the culture until you learn to take leadership and responsibility over yourself. Self-discipline is a requirement for personal greatness.

Personal greatness is of no significance if it doesn’t add value to the lives of others. Unless we have an outward focus for contribution, we will limit our potential and fulfillment in life.

We were created to be Heaven’s conduit to the earth. As children of God and citizens of Heaven, we have a responsibility to transform our culture into one that honours God and reflects His Kingdom (Matthew 6:10).

Governing Beliefs

Becoming a person of value requires that Christ be held as number one in your life. It is His purpose and insight that leads the life of a true history maker.

Each of us possess a part of God that needs to be cultivated and exercised to the point of genius. When that happens in a person, the world can never be the same.

It does not matter where you are in life; there is always room to grow. It is impossible to fully reach your potential, and everyone at every level has a ceiling to break through.

The world is built on systems that move perpetual motion towards a predictable outcome. Those who understand this become creators in their lives.

We are all Heaven’s resource on earth. Everyone has the ability to make a difference, and there is none who God cannot or will not use.

Everything we do has the power to set a chain reaction in motion. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to make a difference.

Those who run from difficulty are doomed to live in mediocrity. It is only those who face challenge, endure through pressure and choose to work when others quit who rise to greatness.