1. Character

The state of a nation is a reflection of the hearts of its people. In order to make a difference, we must be different. We must possess the image and likeness of God in order for Heaven to be established on the earth.

2. Growth & Development

We have an infinite potential, limited only by our beliefs and ignorance. In order to be effective leaders, we must be on the cutting edge of society’s knowledge, always improving and progressing.

3. Personal Leadership

You cannot lead others or change the culture until you learn to take leadership and responsibility over yourself. Self-discipline is a requirement for personal greatness.

4. Contribution

Personal greatness is of no significance if it doesn’t add value to the lives of others. Unless we have an outward focus for contribution, we will limit our potential and fulfillment in life.

5. Cultural Transformation

We were created to be Heaven’s conduit to the earth. As children of God and citizens of Heaven, we have a responsibility to transform our culture into one that honours God and reflects His Kingdom (Matthew 6:10).