His Kingdom your Purpose

Derek Schneider counsels church and government leaders on various continents. He imparts how to transform culture, cities and nations by applying the principles of the Kingdom of God. You will discover: The laws of the Kingdom of God that govern life 9 keys to Discovering your purpose How one person can impact a generation How to pray and see cities and regions opened How to create a ministry that solves societal problems The real power of organized thought Keys to becoming effective beyond the four walls of the church How to access your spiritual inheritance The systematic approach to discipling nations The difference between revival and societal transformation Your role as a citizen of God's Kingdom How to add value to a nation When praying alone is not enough to transform a nation How to see 100 fold results in a ministry The relationship between growth and results Why 'small is the new big'

Beyond Four walls

Is there more to being a Christian and going to church? This books shows us how the seemingly impossible: God's will done on earth as it is in heaven can happen. The impact is a complete transformation of society across communities. Join the author as a young, inexperienced youth pastor encounters the concept of extending the Kingdom to all domains of society. Walk with him as he understands how this happens. Armed with this knowledge, he begins and incredible journey. The first impact was transforming his small youth group, in a 100 member church to a group of 1000. Subsequent impact are cataloged as people across the entire city of Oshawa are trained to systematically and strategically impact all spheres with the principles and practices of the Kingdom. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done isn't just a verse in an ancient text. It is our goal. It is our destiny. As it occurs, people are set free from the kingdom of Darkness, experience birth into the Kingdom of God and are able to influence all spheres of life with the salt and light of the Kingdom. This is a break through book showing the destiny that God has called his people to. Best of all - these principles and approaches are able to be duplicated in your life, too!