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What Will I Get From the 3 Day “Experience?”

Discover Your Purpose

Discover A New Focus

Discover The Secrets Behind Transformation

What Will I Learn?

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Free COPY OF THE book

Derek’s transformational book “Beyond the Four Walls”


Exclusive membership with the History Makers Society - A community of like-minded influencers just like you!


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What is the Schedule for the Training?

Day 0 (Introduction & First Session)

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Why Do People Leave This Training So Transformed?

Meet Derek Schneider

Derek Schneider is the President of History Makers Academy and Founder of History Makers Society. Both of which are designed to train, equip and send out individuals to influence all spheres of society. He is also a requested speaker, trainer, author, and transformation specialist. Through the History Makers Academy he has seen hundreds established in their calling, and become catalysts of transformation in their communities and nations.

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