Course Description:

The History Makers Experience teaches time-tested and proven concepts, and principles adhered to by “history makers” of the past and present. These cutting edge workshops are presented within a specially choreographed environment, designed to bring a person to a “point of no return” where lasting transformation takes place. It is at this point that an attendee learns how to access supernatural power to accomplish tasks that would normally have been difficult and even impossible.
This intensive style of training actually has the potential to re-wire any individual for high performance Kingdom living and influence, regardless of what sphere of life they are called to.
Through various assignments and simulated “points of pressure” provided throughout the training, the attendee will learn how to break every hindrance that may be holding them back from becoming who God has called them to be. Anyone who takes this 3 day Academy training will leave with a new mindset, supernatural empowerment and the practical tools to become a catalyst of change in their generation.


  • Identify your life’s purpose and live it out daily
  • Experience a “destiny doorway” and leave transformed
  • Learn how to grow your church, ministry or organization and see real results


  • Discover the secret principles that History Makers live by
  • Learn the secrets of time and life management
  • Become more efficient and effective in everything you do


  • Receive cutting edge tools for personal, church, and societal transformation
  • Become part of the company of those who easily convert dreams and vision into reality
  • Learn the skill of “System Building” to organize, create, and reach people
  • Go beyond the four walls and fulfill the Great Commission

At The History Makers Experience you will learn…

  • The Secret Principles Behind those who Make History
  • Sowing the Seeds of Sons: Sons and Daughters that Transform the World
  • Practical Development for Calling and Purpose
  • Time Management and Building a 10 Year Plan
  • Developing Character that Impacts Society
  • System Building for Reaching People and Transforming Society
  • Transforming Society through “Organized Righteousness”
  • Grace and Apostleship for Discipling Nations
  • How Any Local Church Can Impact Culture
  • How to Leverage Life’s Laws and Principles for a Predicted Result
  • The Laws of Physics and Establishing the Kingdom of God
  • How to Convert Dreams and Ideas into Raw Material and Product
  • Practical Tools to Become an Influencer

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