YOU can become a licensed History Makers Academy TRAINER!

Derek Schneider has been able to take the History Makers Experience around the globe, helping people step into destiny and impact nations! Now Derek and the History Makers Academy want to train and license other trainers to multiply this message in their spheres and get the same astonishing results!
The goal of this program is to prepare you to lead and facilitate a “History Makers Experience” anywhere at any time! Our mission is to provide you with all the support you need to become a legitimate trainer with a legitimate training program in hand.

At this “Train the Trainer” training you will receive:

  • Standard licensing as a History Makers Academy Trainer and Coordinator
  • World-class training in how to lead and conduct the “History Makers Experience” 3-day module
  • An in-depth understanding of the heart and power behind HMA
  • The practical details of how to effectively organize and lead a History Makers Experience
  • A detailed HME System designed for anyone to be able to lead a training
  • Video packaging of each standard HME workshop
  • The original cutting edge HME curriculum content
  • Understanding how to properly promote and market your own Training
  • The HMA business model
  • Answers to pitfalls and challenges faced by an HME trainer
  • Completely FREE access to other HMA Training content to help grow your platform

As our Founder Derek has promised, our commitment to you is:

  • to mentor you FULLY in how to effectively hold or coordinate an HMA Training anywhere
  • fully license you as a trainer able to receive an income from your work and even promote your own “other” ministries
  • give you first priority for training opportunities in Canada and beyond
  • give you ongoing access to every training we create, video series, plus all materials etc.
  • maintain an ongoing partnership and mentorship with you to help you succeed