Transformation Councils

  • Want to establish a small group within your church, organization or community that reaches your society?
  • Are you a person who wants to create a highly trained small group, dedicated to strategically impacting your community for Jesus?
  • Are you a Pastor or leader feeling the burden of growing your church, but also want to fulfill the Great Commission beyond the four walls? Would you like to have a well equipped team doing the “heavy lifting” of societal impact, born out of your own local church?

We can help you! 

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What Are We Talking About?

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to disciple nations through Sunday morning church services ALONE. To fulfill the great commission that Jesus gave us, the church must utilize various intensive training and equipping models to produce real history makers. These key leaders, that are birthed or discipled within the local church, can strategically be placed in society to occupy crucial places of influence. In fact, as difficult as it may sound to some pastors, we must begin to explore the power of utilizing “small groups” of people for maximum societal influence.

How is it possible that a small movement of people could actually influence a region or nation? In the New Testament, we saw how Jesus used a handful of people to transform the world. Often we have thought that mobilizing 12 people to change the world became a reality because Jesus was the Son of God, but in actual fact, Jesus understood something very powerful about leveraging a few very dedicated, “trained” individuals to impact culture.

The idea of leveraging a small group of highly trained leaders is what also gave birth to what we call the “Transformation Council” concept. Through this model, we were able to reach close to 250,000 people globally in under two years time. I believe it is based on Biblical principles and is a strategy that can be reproduced in any local church, organization, city, or nation.

What is a “Transformation Council?”

A Transformation Council is a well trained small group of Believers who each have a role in making Kingdom impact beyond the four walls of the church. The council functions as a collective strategic team, and have a leader. Each individual member of the group will have a particular sphere of society they are called to influence, either through establishing a charity, ministry, program, projects, curriculum etc. They are actively involved in pursuing methods, opportunities and platforms to solve societal problems, have Kingdom influence in their spheres, and ultimately disciple people groups. A local church can have one or more strategic groups like this functioning from their church, making an impact beyond the four walls.

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