What Does History Makers Academy Teach That Helps Churches Grow?
“Our church has experienced the influence and impact of History Makers Academy! Our results were immediate and lasting, as “regular people” became empowered and mobilized. What is happening in our city can happen for you too. The results are predictable.”
Pastor Doug Schneider

​History Makers Academy – is a cutting-edge training and equipping movement designed to be a blessing to any local church, members and leaders alike. This Academy is not a ministry of any particular church (though Derek Schneider attends a local church and is submitted to a Pastor), but is a mobile Academy offering 1 – 3 day cutting edge training modules.

This Academy is mobile which means we come to you! Our vision is to assist the local church in training and preparing average individuals to make an above average impact in their own local church, and every sphere of society.

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A Note From Derek Schneider

For over 10 years I had the privilege of Pastoring at The Embassy Church in Oshawa, Ontario Canada. My father is the Lead Pastor there, and has been for over 35 years. Being a Pastor’s kid (and then a pastor myself) at such a healthy local church, I was blessed to pick up a few secrets along the way that have greatly helped other local churches. I personally love to train and equip Believers in their sphere of calling – but I also love to assist Pastors in cultivating a healthy thriving local church base.

In my first number of years pastoring, I established, and primarily worked with what became one of the largest young adult ministries in Canada – “Embassy This Generation.” At that time the Lord began to open many wonderful doors to speak itinerantly, and help spearhead a few national initiatives.

During those years I had the privilege of seeing many great things happen through our young adult ministry and our church as a whole. One day it occurred to me however, that though we were having some pretty incredible things taking place in our church, there seemed to be little to no impact on our city and nation. This didn’t make sense to me and I began to feel desperate, wanting to do something about it.

This sparked a God driven journey for me in relation to concepts for community transformation, as well as what it means to establish a healthy and thriving local church. Essentially, how to see growth within the local church, but also go “beyond the four walls” for societal influence. I dared to believe that it was possible to disciple people in not only being passionate about building their local church, but also passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission.

It was during this season of hunger and frustration that the Lord graciously gave us a “gift” which evolved into a number of unique training and equipping modules that were called “History Maker Trainings.” Over the next 2-3 years as we funneled people through these modules, applying what we learned, the results we saw were astonishing! And then, I resigned as pastor at my church and took these trainings on the road – and the results continued! Pastors and leaders with 30 plus years of ministry experience have expressed that they finally began to see the results they have prayed for over the years – even after experiencing only our level 1 training.

We regularly receive testimonies from people who’s lives have been transformed – and with lasting results. They often tell us how after just taking our 3 day standard training (The History Makers Training), they were able to step into their callings, and destinies. In fact, the results we experienced were so extraordinary that it led to the release of my two books, “The History Makers Training,” and “Beyond the Four Walls.”

To date, a multitude of diverse ministries, social programs and movements have been created globally by History Makers Academy grads, sparking interest from government officials and others. Pastors tell us that their churches started to get traction or grew exponentially after experiencing our trainings. Breaking those “glass ceilings” is possible, and we desire to be a catalyst in helping local churches experience fruitfulness, and equip Believers in fulfilling the Great Commission.

– Pastor Derek Schneider

President and Founder of the History Makers Academy