Course Description:

The knowledge and principles that today’s top CEO’s and influencers live by…

This History Makers three day training features the practical secrets of those who change the world. It contains the knowledge and principles that today’s top CEO’s, and influencers live by. It is the “how to” for unusual achievement and leadership. The topics covered in this training will equip an attendee to achieve their goals, impact the world around them, and will place them in the small category of “the elite” when it comes to knowing how to get results. Becoming “the head and not the tail” (Duet. 28:13) in every area is possible when the keys found in this extraordinary training are applied to your life.

At this training you will learn…

  • How to Build a Foundation
  • Time and Focus Management
  • Making Ideas and Visions a Reality
  • The Secret of Prayer
  • The Power of Feedback Analysis
  • Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom
  • The Necessity of Truth in Every Endeavour
  • Using the Future to Fuel You
  • 10 Habits to Quite Before Finding Success
  • Killing Self Sabotage
  • The Power of Virtues and Values
  • Lessons from Mother Teresa’s Life
  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Kaizen Philosophy for “Good Change”
  • How to Convert Inner Energy into Creative Production
  • Passive Communication VS Pro Active Communication

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