Course Description

We all know that the gap between “dreaming it and doing it” is vast for most people. This is especially true in the Christian world. Your Next Level training focuses on closing the gap between dreams, ideas, and vision – to actual tangible realization. The focus of this training is not only your own further personal transformation, but also strategies to grow your ministry, business, and organization to its maximum potential! At this training, you will learn that creating a movement or effective ministry begins with a single thought, and how to convert that thought into a system of ACTION. 

Your Next Level Workshops:

  • Organized Thinking for Unusual Growth & Breakthrough
  • The Laws and Principles Valued by Those Who Change the World
  • How to Overcome Your Comfort Zone
  • The Answer to Man’s Greatest Question: Understanding the Will of God and Your Own Purpose
  • The Secret Power of Spiritual Momentum
  • The Case for “System Building”
  • How to Develop Mental Strength and Capacity 
  • How to Live a Balanced Life While Still Advancing His Kingdom
  • The Power of Moral Courage When Changing a Nation
  • Leveraging Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion to Shift the Belief System of a Culture
  • The Undiscovered Power of Conversion Part 2
  • Keys to Spearheading a New Movement
  • And more…

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